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Who am I:

Well, first of all some data, concerning me personally...

Personal Data:

·         Birthday: 15. February 1949 (Aquarius!)

·         Studies: Diploma in educational and social sciences

·         Married (Viva Las Vegas!)

·         Founder and Co-director of Medienwerkstatt Uncusion e.V.

·         Musician and composer (Blues, Folk, Techno/Trance, MIDI/film music)

·         Musical heroes: Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green, Neil Young

·         Member of the Neil Young Tribute Band  SPRITOFYOUNG


Feel free to send me a email right now or maybe later.

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Hans Happe

My interests:

I am interested to communicate with other users regardless of age.
Okay, it would be great to find out that we are sharing some similar hobby
or experience. Maybe this could be the overall love for homerecording music or
for Amiga Computers or whatever...

And of course I would really like to meet other Jimi-maniacs all around the
world. If we don`t see us no more in this world, I`ll see you on"hey-joe-mailing-list", okay? Well, I would like to trade with everyone. 

Heres my own actual list: 


My hobbies:

Since 1987 I am doing home movies/videos. At the very beginning there were
mainly such nice things like holiday movies or movies about a marriage celebration

But it happened two years later that I met a young guy named
Jörg Buntenbach,
who had already worked out a more sophisticated film idea. He showed me the
script and convinced me to come along. We looked around for other people to join
in the "Memorabilia"-project. So, after some time, we could start our work for
the film. We realized it in about 6 months! I had never thought it would take
such a long time, but the result was okay. And thats what counts. And the film was
shown at some cinemas in our region and has been very successful.

My part of the project had been the music and some other sounds for the film.
From that very start I have been (and still I am) most interested in film
music. I would really appreciate to take part in other (web-) projects all
over the world. In May 96, I experienced already a MIDI Internet demonstration,
in which several composers from different parts of the world combined their
efforts to realize a realtime composition. So, as a matter of fact, distances
are no longer as important as they may have been years back...


Listen to the sound of "Green", one of my songs from the CD "LIP-CD 1":


Apart from my ambitions concerning film music I am a singer/songwriter for
more than 20 years. I'm doing homerecordings of my songs. Some of the results were
presented on CDs. The first one ("LIP-CD 1") was published as a sampler in
1993 and contains 17 tracks of different musicians, 5 tracks are composed and performed by me. The CDR "Fürs Herz" was published
in 1994 and contains 17 tracks, all songs (except one) composed by
Some of my compositions had been published again in 1996, on a CDR called
"Tiljaho" by The Zebras. I have been a member of the Zebras - an african percussion
band - since 1991.

There are still a lot of songs never released yet. Some are sequenced with
Bars&Pipes, the Amiga Midi software sequencer. Some examples (Standard-Midi-Files)
can be downloaded if you like. In addition there are 4 songs (mp3-compressed):



May This Be Love (my version of this Hendrix song/1.5 MB)

Tell Me (© Rolling Stones 1964) Cover Version

All Along The Watchtower(3 MB)


Lange Zeit Bevor.MID


The Legend Of The Blue Hippopotamus.MID

Das Schloß vom Stuckenberg.MID

Am Ozean.MID

The green hills of Africa.MID


Reggae Rasta Mann.MID

The deaf musician and the blind she poet.MID



·          Korg WavestationEX  

·          Roland BK3 Keyboard

·          Arturia KeyLab 61

Yamaha MU 80

·          Arturia MiniLab MK2

·          Roland D2 Groovebox

·          Native Instruments Maschine JAM

·          Yamaha QY 10

·          Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32

·          Yamaha CX 5 M II Music Computer

·          Allen & Heath ZEDi 10FX

·          Aiwa HD-S1 DAT-Recorder

·          Les Paul E-Guitar

·          IRIN Strat-E-Guitar

·          Ibanez "Talman" Gitarre

·          Harley Benson Roundback Purple

·          Höfner "Beatles" Bass

·          Acoustic Saz from Turkey

·          6-string russian Balalaika

·          Hohner Blues Harp

·          Ibanez PF25 Performance Ac.-Guitar

·          TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme

·          Amiga 4000 + MIDI-Interface

·          Bars&PipesProfessional V. 2.5

·          SuperJAM!

·          Toccata 16bit-soundcard

·          SEKD-Samplitude


Snail Mail:

Hans Happe
Enzianweg 17
33415 Verl
Tel./Fax: 0495246-8062163
Email: Hans Happe 
or: Hans Happe (Webmail)



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